Of Marriageable Age Book Review

Of Marriageable Age Book Cover Of Marriageable Age
Sharon Maas
Fiction, South Asian Fiction


At a Glance:

Of Marriageable Age is the story of three different characters: Savitri, a servant girl growing up in British-ruled India; Nataraj, the son of a small-town doctor in South India; Saroj, a headstrong girl growing up in Guyana. How these three characters are linked forms the crux of the story, and takes readers on a journey from India to South America to London.

My Review:

I really wanted to like this book. I’m a big fan of South Asian fiction (I’ve enjoyed Jhumpa Lahiri, Chitra Bannerjee Divakaruni, Indu Sundaresan, and many more), but I found Of Marriageable Age to be a really bad example of the genre.

In the beginning, it was interesting to read from the three different perspectives of Savitri, Nataraj, and Saroj. I was engaged in trying to figure out how the three characters were connected. But, due to bad writing/editing, it quickly because confusing and error-ridden. From a simple plotline perspective, the story didn’t make sense. I’m all about a plot twist, but Maas employed too many and the story became addled. The writing was very lengthy and I found that the story dragged in many places. In addition, I felt that Maas’ details were redundant, which added to the lengthiness.

Overall, I was not impressed with Of Marriageable Age at all, and would not recommend it to anyone